Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Blogger Here!

Hi All!
I have taken on the job of blogger for the Book Arts Roundtable.  Over this past year-plus, I have been continually amazed at the creative talent of BAR's members, and at their dedication to their arts.  So much to see.  So much to learn.  So much to share & enjoy!
I want to thank you all for welcoming us newcomers into your group and I hope I do you justice as your newest blogger.
PS  Where I am coming from - I joined BAR in January 2012, a newbie to book arts.  Prior to this, I have played for many years in a variety of fine crafts & arts, all of them good!  Oh, and in a former life I was a biochemist...


Hi Bar Members and book arts Friends. Please keep your comments to the subjects of book arts and the Book Arts Roundtable. We'd love to hear about books, websites and other sources of inspiration. Update us on your progress with a book related project.