Wednesday, October 23, 2013

M, N, O...

Shari Seltzer poetically describes her letter "M".

“The migratory mocking bird is melodramatically perched on Metropolitan Museum of Art “M”.  A magical mermaid with majestic monarch butterfly wings sits on many mysterious mushrooms.  A marvelous mango mingles among multiples of marigolds. On the back the hand written lower case ”m“ meanders among mellow morning glories and many marigolds. A mild mannered mouse muses multicolored maple leaves.”  

Front & back - hand-pulled gocco print, enhanced with watercolor pigments, the multiple M fonts framing the print were hand stamped with archival ink, slight color variations within the edition are natural part of Shari Seltzer’s fluid style of gocco color application and printing.

Debbie Livingston made a delicious dessert to illustrate her letter "N"!

"Edible N: I have always wanted to make an alphabet cookbook. One snowy day when my kids were little, we made "C soup". It was a corn & crab chowder where all the main ingredients started with the letter c. For this collaborative project I selected the letter "N". I looked up ingredients that started with N and made a Nectarine, Nut and Neufchatel cheesecake. The front of the card has a large letter N surrounded by nectarine and nut plants. The back has an illustration of the finished pie with a detachable recipe card. I wanted my card to have an old woodcut feel.”  

Front & back - hand-carved linoleum-block printed on etching press, ink, additional hand coloring in watercolor, recipe card is printed on a computer.

Linda Parker shows her patterned antique roller.

For her letter "O", Linda made an original drawing of a female ostrich, where “the reverse side was designed to simulate the plumage; the colors being grays and browns.”

Front - original drawing photo transferred onto Canson  Editions paper, then printed  on  paper.
Back - gel printed, antique-roller patterned, stamped, acrylic paint.

Picture credit: Janet Ducote

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