Saturday, April 3, 2010

Great Listening Material ( Lynn Starun)

I stumbled onto a website of podcasts of interviews with book artists and papermakers by Steve Miller.  It's an impressive list including Hedi Kyle, Barbara Mauriello, Emily Martin and many others that you may not be familiar with.  Steve Miller is a book arts person from early on and runs a book arts program at the University of Alabama.  He knows and admires the people he interviews which makes for good interviewing.   You feel like you are sitting with them on a  porch in the Maine woods  with the birds singing or in a room near where workshops are going on at events like the Paper & Book Intensives.   I had a LOT of letterpress printing to do and this really passed the time.  You can download free podcasts or just listen right from the website.  I had never taken a podcast and put it on my iPod before but it was easy.   Here's the link: