Saturday, January 18, 2014

ART TALK: CRAFT POWER with Miriam Schaer, 2014

Miriam Schaer presenting CRAFT POWER: Enhancing Women's Rights Through the Practice of Traditional Arts

Karen McDermott shares the photos and this:
Yesterday Miriam Schaer joined us for ART TALK.  We started with lunch, and because many of you asked, it was provided by Claudia’s Creative Catering in Maplewood. Wonderful. We than settled down to hear Mimi’s talk of her experiences working with groups of women in the Republic of Georgia. Mimi, it was informative, certainly enlightening , and it was a real pleasure to have you in our midst again.
Enjoy the photos everyone!

Karen, Benita, Zawadi, Miriam, and Shimoda

Picture credit: Karen McDermott