Monday, October 27, 2014

Collaborative Rara Avis, Final Part

And finishing up...
L to R:  Claire Simon, Lynn Starun, Janet Ducote, Paula Ehrich
artist Clair Simon
artist Lynn Starun
artist Janet Ducote
artist Paula Ehrich

From members not present -
artist Liz Demaree
artist Linda Mead

And some members who were present and enjoyed seeing what everyone did!
L to R:  guest, Dolores Fish, Sam Forlenza

We at BAR extend
A Big Thank You to 
Elissa Kessler Caporale & Jow Reilly, co-chairs, 
for all their work on Rara Avis Collaborative!

Photo credit:  Shari Seltzer top photo, Janet Ducote the rest 

Collaborative Rara Avis, Part III

L to R:  Chuck Miley, Nancy Boney, Shari Seltzer, Amelia Panico
artist Chuck Miley
artist Shari Seltzer
artist Amelia Panico

L to R:  Lynn Keffer, Lisa Imberman, Elaine Gongora, Mellabee Miller
artist Lynn Keffer

artist Elaine Golt Gongora
artist Mellabee Miller

Photo credit:  Janet Ducote

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Collaborative Rara Avis, Part II

And here are more!

L to R:  Pat Cudd, Bess Birrell, Suzie Tuchman, Linda Parker
artist Patricia Cudd
artist Vasileki (Bess) Birrell
artist Suzie Tuchman
artist Linda Parker

L to R:  Randy Keenan, Benita Wolffe, Karen McDermott, Barbara Scharf Lehrhoff 
artist Randy Keenan
artist Benita Wolffe

But wait, there are more!  See Part III!

Photo credit: Janet Ducote

Welcome the New Year at BAR with the Collaborative, Rara Avis!

In September, members came to the first meeting of the new year ready to present and exchange their contribution to the BAR collaborative.  This years theme was Rara Avis.  Co-chair Elisa Kessler Caporale, explains it very well:  "Literally "rare bird," this Latin expression indicates a rare or unique person or thing.  This theme asks you to choose an existing bird, or create/design your own (species of) bird and its environment."

Participants were instructed on size (1 folio, 7" x 11", grain short; when folded 7" x 5.5"), and selection of paper (BFK Rives, Stonehenge, or Canson Editions, white).

So, from the members and the fabulous pieces we exchanged....(drum roll please!) you go!!

L to R:  Chris Schorr, co-chair Elissa Kessler Caporale, guest, Cynthia Weiss
artist Elissa Kessler Caporale
artist Chris Schorr

L to R: Vicki Parker, Patricia Toltl, co-chair Joe Reilly, Debbie Livingston
artist Vicki Parker
artist Patricia Toltl
artist Joe Reilly
artist Debra K. Livingston

Wait!  There are more!  Visit Part II for the rest!

Photo credit: Janet Ducote