Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sage Reynolds aka Ceropegia

Just a quick note for a link I'm adding to the links list. Sage Reynolds is known for his paste paper and NY Central Art Supply carries or used to carry his mixture for paste for making paste paper. He's a meticulous guy and was once on Martha Stewart demonstrating Paste Paper. Now I've discovered another area of expertise of Sage's--book binding. While searching for a video to guide me through making a traditional case bound book I found some very good videos covering all the steps in great detail along with some innovative techniques for dealing with glue and making your own pad for glueing. The name he uses on You Tube is Ceropegia and there are numerous videos under that name. There are so many you might have to ask it to list more.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mica Workshop with Dan Essig

The workshop with Dan Essig was last weekend and it was an exciting and intense three days. Mica is an amazing material and we learned a multitude of ways to use and manipulate it. The resulting books had heft and felt good in your hand.
Here you can see some of the books that were made. You can't really appreciate them until you can hold them in your hand, though!
Here's the group photo with our books ready to be sewn.

A very nice bonus of the workshop was the opportunity to buy handmade tools and mica in many forms. The "shopping bazaar" was a popular station throughout the three days.
And here we are in the downstairs room at the Baird working away. Dan was an excellent instructor and nudged us along, with humor, to get our work completed.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Interesting New App

I found this at WetCanvas today. I realize not many of us have iPads but I think this is a sign of new things to come. As a letterpress person I found the "virtual" locking up of a form to be fascinating and looks like fun! That said, I think it misses the essential appeal of letterpress which is the impression into the paper. Part of the video solicits funds to cover cost of developing the software which isn't released yet but I am in no way trying to solicit donations for this project! Just enjoy the video.