Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Booked 11...Last Word

GO!  See this show!
You have no idea of sizes!
Colors you saw may not be so true!
Dramatic pieces may have grabbed you, but subtle pieces must speak to you 
         in person!
You didn't get to turn the pages!
And you certainly didn't get to see ALL the pages!
BAR's artists worked so hard, it's the least you can do!

And there is still time, until March 22.  
Just GO!

Booked 11 (part 11)

Ann Vollum, top two The Beastly Three
bottom two The Beastly Uncertainty...Uncertainty And estimation In Economics Vol. 3

Cynthia Weiss, Branches, with details 

Benita Wolffe, top two Unreasonable Expectations, bottom Some Of Us

Photo credit: Janet Ducote

Booked 11 (part 10)...

Lynn Allison Starun, Hollyhocks & Scuppernongs: A Carolina Boyhood

Patricia Toltl, top AD-ONS, center Deep Waters, bottom Fold Out 

Suzie Tuchman, top Pocket Book, next two Remember, bottom two Sukkah

Photo credit: Janet Ducote

Booked 11 (part 9)...

Vicki Parker, top two Life Is A Work In Progress: Journal Of Solitude
bottom Post Menopausal Blues 

Ronni Pressman, HaZaZaH

 Shari Seltzer top two Fairy Art Mother - A Modern Fairy Tale,
bottom two Beauty In The Decay: Cuban Ruin Porn

Claire Simon, Etudes

Photo credit: Janet Ducote

Booked 11 (part 8)...

Leslie Nobler, top Lifetime Of A Jew, center Tale Of One City II
bottom Winged Flight To Safed

Amelia Panico, top and center Flotsam And Jetsam, bottom ANCC

Linda G. Parker, top Tsunami, center and bottom Artist's Obsession

Photo credit:  Amelia Panico's ANCC taken by Vicki Parker, rest taken by Janet Ducote

Booked 11 (part 7)...

Chuck Miley, top two Aesop's Fables
next two Now You See Them, Now You Don't, bottom Stillborn Books

Melabee M. Miller, Perspectives Of My Grandparents 

Pat Feeney Murrell, Quintet - Grass Greens

Photo credit: Janet Ducote