Saturday, October 26, 2013

Non-Toxic Paper Lithography with Patricia Cudd

A page from one of Pat Cudd's small books, Bride.  It was made using paper lithography.

From another of Pat's small books, Family.

On Saturday, October 12, Patricia Cudd led the Book Arts Roundtable in a 4 hour workshop on paper lithography.  She began with a brief overview of lithography history:  The first print was done with a stone plate, next came metal plates, then polyester & paper plates.  Pat showed us some wonderful examples of her paper lithography, many of which she bound into very cool small books.  She also bound her experimentation with papers and inks etc, so her results would all be in one place.  And they made more cool books!

Pat shows us one of her aluminum plates.

After the brief introduction, we moved to the studio and got down to business:

Coating the paper plate with gum arabic.

Putting ink on the palette and getting the right consistency.

Inking the plate, with just the right touch.

At the press.

Those of us attending had a wonderful time and we learned a lot!  Thank you Patricia!

Picture credit: Janet Ducote

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  1. Janet, You're doing a great job with the blog- love the pics. Keep up the good work.
    Mary Ann


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