Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Y, Z, and a Surprise!

Lynn Keffer on her letter:  "In looking for something from nature to illustrate the letter “Y”, I settled on a Yellow Jacket (wasp). Then I composed the limerick and went on from there." 

Front &Back- letterpressed & linocut print, where one side is a derivative of the other (they were cut apart), additional hand coloring.

Linda Mead took the last letter of the alphabet, "Z".
“I chose the word Zephyr, which means a gentle or west wind, because of my love of the wind and the imagery it evokes.”  

Front & Back - hand pulled prints, the letter "Z" combined drypoint with soft ground etching, the image for "Zypher" is an aquatint etching. 

So here is the surprise....a very cool box made by Joe Reilly!  He made it to hold the Abecedarian for BAR.  Thank you Joe!

Very cool box by Joe Reilly

And, we owe an even bigger thank you to Claire Simon for chairing this project for us.  Thank you Claire!

Picture credit: Janet Ducote

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  1. Impressive blogging work, Janet!!! It's really fun to see all the cards laid out like that and to have all the explanations in one place. Thanks!!


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