Wednesday, October 23, 2013

D, E, F...

Benita Wolffe shows Bar her letter "D".
“I tried to make the background of both [my letters, D & J,] similar so they would appear to be from the same alphabet.  Painting was fun.”   

The images were computer generated, then hand painted.

Claire Simon took on letter "E".
“I was awed by viewing the earth from an airplane, and took some amazing pictures on a cross-country flight. When we arranged for the collaborative, I thought of the photos and how they would work for the  capital letter, "E". I chose black to represent outer space, and to create greater contrast with the images of the earth.”

Front - original photographs, printed on Canson paper coated with Golden digital ground, then cut in shape of “E” and pasted onto card.
Back - NASA stock photo of earth, pop-up construction,  the word "earth" is a linoleum cut, printed with white oil-base ink.

Susan Walkley Topper talks about her inspiration for letter "F".

"I immediately knew the Abecedarian collaborative was for me.  Being assigned the letter F was perfect...I already had many photographs of flowers!  As a photographer, I have always been drawn to the beauty and complexity of flowers. I am fascinated to be able to watch them come into being when they are growing in or around my home.  The big challenge to do what I envisioned?  I know very little about Photoshop, so I had to enlist the help of a close friend to teach me to do what I had in mind.  So many many different decisions.  Fortunately, I had left myself enough time.  I am very pleased to have been a part of this collaborative."

Front & Back - computer printed, Hahnemule's Photo Rag Duo paper, with Ink Jet Printer Cleaning Sheets to help with "grabbing", along with "swearing, and cajoling!" 

Picture credit: Janet Ducote

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