Wednesday, October 23, 2013

S, T, U...

Randy Keenan talks about her experience with her letter "S".

“I had a blast making my “S” cards.  I turned on some music, got out my Sumi ink and just “painted” the shape on the cards then quickly went to the sink and washed off the ink. The dried lacquer stayed black and the ink that hadn’t quite dried was washed off - what a great time I had!  Then on a very rainy day I burned all the edges of the card and used the candle soot to paint the backs.”  

Front & Back - hand painted & own process, Sumi ink, soot, burned.

Joe Reilly and his "T".

“My nature-themed T stands for topiary.”  

Front - original pen and ink drawing, digitally copied onto Canson editions paper,then hand-painted in watercolor and acrylic.  
Back - original acrylic painting, with a collaged banner (also original drawing) in the top section of the image, digitally copied onto the card. 

Karen McDermott explains her work on letter "U".

“Each card has a slightly different watercolor image painted behind the umbrella tree.”  

Front - relief print carved on Mars Carve, printed by hand using black acrylic paint.  
Back - pressure sensitive letters were applied to a surface and then inked with an ink pad and printed. Color was added with pencil and a sponge.

Picture credit: Janet Ducote

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