Wednesday, October 23, 2013

J, K, L...

Benita Wolffe's "J".  She also did letter "D".

"K" is for kelp, by Cynthia Weiss.
Cynthia describes her images of kelp:  On the front, the kelp appears as if it were tossed onto the beach by waves.  On the back, the kelp looks as if is were floating in the water while still attached to the sea bed.

Front & Back - images from trace monotypes transferred onto a Pronto Plate, plate is inked like a lithograph and printed with my etching press, when the ink has dried, color was added with thin semi transparent layers of acrylic gouache, letters are stamped with pigment ink.


Lynn Starun describes her letter "L".

“My letter was "L" and I wanted to letterpress the letter forms from a book by Frederick Goudy--sort of a history of "L".  I chose lilies as my nature theme for the other side.  These were some lovely day lilies I saw in Maine this summer.” 

Front & Back - letterpressed, printmaking paper Rives BFK or Canson Print Editions, with a geli-plate print glued center front, the back is a two plate linoleum reduction print using Caligo inks.  

Picture credit: Janet Ducote

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