Sunday, December 1, 2013

November Is a 2 For 2 Swap!

Cynthia Weiss, Paula Ehrich & Mary Ann Russo draw their numbers.

Bring a book in a brown paper lunch bag, and go home with one from a fellow member!  That's what BAR members did at the November meeting.  As you put your bag on the table, you pull a number for your turn to choose.  Members could swap for up to two books.

The table is so plain, yet the surprises those bags hold...

Shari Seltzer talks about the book she made for the Swap.

Suzie Tuchman shares a book she pulled from the table.

Members hear about the books from the makers, as well as the receivers.

Cynthia Weiss & Ronni Pressman hold up Pocket Book, made by Suzie Tuchman.

The next 2 For 2 Swap is held at BAR's May meeting.  Won't you participate?

Picture credit: Janet Ducote

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