Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our new blog is started!

Well,  I thought I'd just get this thing started and see what happens.  I'm sure there are many things that will have to be adjusted but if you find the blog please leave a comment.  The Bar had our March meeting tonight and discussed many things.    There were some interesting books shown and discussed.  Playing with Books,  Transfers and Altered Images, Print and Stamp??  and Print Pattern and Color all looked worthy of checking out.  I think what we can do is leave comments adding to what I've written.  If someone wants to make a post, perhaps they could send the post by email to me at lastarun at yahoo dot com and I can add it as a post to start a new topic.   We can add photos as well which should be fun.


  1. Hi Lynn K! Karen wasn't able to leave a comment. It might be because she was in a hurry and couldn't get her google password right. Perhaps I should figure out some basic instructions for leaving comments.


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