Monday, March 29, 2010

Learning about transfer paper

Since I was sitting at home today for about the eighth straight day with laryngitis (it's no fun to go out into the world and not be able to communicate with people beyond a whisper and hand signs) I decided to check out the live web tv link that Karen sent out in an email to BAR members. It linked me into facebook, which was no problem because I'm already signed up there. Then, for just over an hour, I got to watch in real time, a series of crafters talking about some of their techniques. The last one, Lesley Riley, was the one that Karen was highlighting for our group. Lesley Riley has a transfer paper out called TAP (Transfer Artist Paper). During her share of the show she demonstrated the relatively easy techniques involved in printing on the paper via your inkjet printer (pigment or dye inks) and transferring the image on to cloth, paper, metal, plastic, etc. Of course I've ordered the paper and am looking forward to seeing how this works for adding text to my printed images for books.


  1. Lynn, I have some TAP and I'll bring it on Wed. to work Group.

  2. Thanks, Lynn Keffer! I just realized that we need to sign our posts which is something I didn't do when beginning this blog. And the three Lynn/e thing means we need to tell which Lynn/e we are!


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