Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blogistry 101

The BAR blog address is simple: (Notice there is no "www" in there.)

Blogspot is the hosting place for free blogs. For example I have a blog of my own and it's the same format:

A blog is an interactive site in that you can leave comments and reactions. You can click on a reaction to the post if you want to. It's right under the post, and the choices are "funny", "interesting", or "cool". In that same area there's a picture of an envelope and if you click on that you can email the blog to a friend.

Look right below the post and you will see the word "comments" and a number showing how many there are so far. If you click on the word "comments" you will get to a page that consists of only that particular post with its comments right under it .

At the bottom of all the comments it will say "POST A COMMENT" with a little paragraph from me. You will see an empty box which is where you type your comment. After you write your comment, look below the box you've been typing in. It will say "Comment as:" and then there's a drop down menu of choices. You can choose to comment from an account you have (you'll need to sign in and it's easier if you've already done so before commenting) such as Google, or AIM or you can choose anonymous at the bottom of the list. Anonymous is fine but do sign your name as part of your comment, so we'll know who we're hearing from. It's polite!

You can add yourself as a "follower" by clicking the button that says "follower". You will get a choice of accounts you might have. It's not a necessary to be a follower in order to participate in the blog so if you don't have one of those accounts don't feel bad. If you've created an avatar (little picture of yourself or symbol) self in the account you chose, it will appear instead of an anonymous silhouette. That same avatar would appear next to your comments if you use that account to comment. Just a fun thing to do.

I don't think I need to remind this group not to "flame" or whatever it's called where you use all caps (which is equivalent to screaming) and say rude things to or about other people.

After you make your choice for "comment as" then choose either "preview" and from there "post" your comment by clicking the button or just go directly to "post" after typing in your comment. The comment should appear at the end of the list of comments.

Benita asked about a spell check and I notice that when I type in the box, any words it thinks I misspelled will be underlined in red. I guess it's a guessing game for the right spelling. Unfamiliar proper names might be underlined even if the spelling is correct. You are allowed to mysspel so ignore the red underline if you like!

Oh, the last step might/should be what is called "word verification" which is a weird squiggly word or string of random letters to decipher and write in another little box as a way of making sure you are a person and not some creepy rogue telemarketer. Be sure and bookmark or favorite (is that the PC word?) the blog so you can get to it easily! Let me know if you want to write a post and I will add you as an author.

As we go along there will be a growing list on the right column labelled "BLOG ARCHIVE" of all the posts by date. Sometimes you have to click the triangle to open up a month or year to see all the posts.

We can begin a list of links to interesting websites related to Book Arts or the BAR. Also, we can add links to members homepages or blogs so please send those to me.

Once we get going, we could decide if we want to encourage traffic from outsiders by putting "tags" on posts which are words describing content so google can direct people there. There's a googlebot that crawls around and finds new sites and compiles information for google searches. It sometimes takes months before the googlebot finds you.

I'm open to constructive criticism on the descriptions I've written or mistakes in grammar or information (except dangling participles which I choose to boldly and shamelessly dangle at will). Photos can be uploaded in the posts but not the comments. If you email me a photo I can upload it.
Lynn S

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